Stepan Bogatyrev

Multidisciplinary Artist, Cinematographer and Project Manager

Key Skills and Experience

Cinematic experience

Documentary Filmmaking and Cinematography

I have extensive experience in creating documentary films, where each story comes to life through a unique blend of artistic vision and technical precision. My work has been showcased at numerous festivals and has received recognition.

Effective Project Management

Utilizing Agile Methodologies and Task Decomposition

My experience includes film production, working in the IT sector, and organizing offline events. I employ agile project management methodologies, breaking down projects into smaller parts for better control and execution. I encourage initiative from team members, fostering a supportive environment for creative solutions and successful project implementation.

Digital Creativity

Content Creation and Strategic Planning

My skills in content creation span multiple platforms, including YouTube and podcasts. It is very important for me to provide value to the audience by offering useful content. I strive to understand the audience and their needs, conducting research and building a content strategy based on these insights.


Video Production and YouTube Consulting

I am happy to offer consultations on working with the YouTube platform and documentary filming. My consultations will help you optimize content, improve promotional strategies, and achieve high-quality standards in your video projects. I can also provide advice on working with the equipment and software needed to successfully implement your ideas.

Visual Storytelling

Honesty and Minimalism in Documentary Filmmaking

I value the magic of the documentary frame, where real, unimagined stories come to life on screen. My work in documentary filmmaking captures real life, engages, enriches, and educates the viewer. In my work, I adhere to honesty, minimalism, and high graphic standards to create visual content that inspires and educates.

Professional Development

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

I believe in the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. Staying updated with the latest industry trends and technological advancements allows me to deliver cutting-edge solutions and maintain a high level of professional competence.

Key Projects and Highlights

“Being a Nation” Documentary

  • Best scientific documentary at Parnu International Anthropology Film Festival (2018)
  • Grand Prix at Young Arctic Film Festival (2018)

“Time Pilot” Documentary

  • Prize for best director at International Film Festival of Marine and Adventure Films (2012)
  • Winner at “Salt of the Earth” Film Festival (2013)

I am Stepan Bogatyrev, a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for documentary filmmaking, IT project management, and digital content creation. My journey began at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, where I specialized in documentary cinematography.

I believe in the power of collaboration and continuous learning, which drives me to stay updated with the latest industry trends and technological advancements. This commitment allows me to deliver innovative solutions and maintain a high level of professional competence.

Explore my work and discover how we can create compelling stories and successful projects together.

Stepan has proven to be an exceptionally talented professional with a deep understanding of visual language and an ability to capture the most subtle nuances of the narrative.

Svetlana Pechenykh

Film and TV Director


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